We are well equipped to assist customers in the development and enhancement of their healthcare, beauty and skin care business, particularly in the following areas:-
Production of basic and standard products.
Development of customer's own formulations.
Modifications and/or enhancement of customer's existing lines of product.
Delivery of finished products in bulk, in retail sizes, or in professional sized containers.
Production in small quantities may be undertaken subject to mutual agreement.

Our production line is also so designed as to be adaptable to accomplishing production of various generic products by way of application of active ingredients of varying origins as per customer's own target market . Among such generic products within our production scope are as per details contained in Health Maintenance Products and Beauty & Skin Care Products .

We are in a position to provide our customers with universally recognized clinical tests for their beauty and skin care products. This is one service which few, if any, other companies are capable of providing.

Additionally, at the end of each product development, we also can provide our customers with stipulations as regards characteristics and significance of individual products.

Our customers can therefore be assured of:  
the compounds utilized in the production being proven to be the correct structural components of the skin that will help reduce, for instance, fine wrinkles and improve skin texture;
the beneficial ingredients utilized contain the right concentration and stability, and will not degrade as to be unviable for commercial distribution;
quality products of G.M.P. standard that are clinically tested but at competitive prices, with the production of each and every product item being strictly in compliance with our customer’s specifications as to colour, compatibility with product packaging, composition, directions, fragrance, pH, and viscosity;
flexible volumes of order that do not technically or financially over-burden them; and
prompt and direct delivery of their finished products to any destinations in the world accessible via air, sea and land routes.
the best noticeable results possible for their own range of body-skin care and rejuvenation products without huge expense being unnecessarily involved; and
the range of products that can effectively and affordably prevent or reverse any adverse health conditions for which they are intended.
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