The entire powerful line of Ample Effect products is environment-friendly, being created strictly in a scientific format to cater for almost every need, and can be produced in conformity with the requirements of the customers under private labeling arrangements.


Products within this range - being created mainly for purposes of skin-rejuvenation, skin-soothing, skin-whitening, unclogging pores, and strengthening skin firmness - are so formulated as to cater for different types of skin texture. They are as such equally ideal both for normal maintenance and professional uses.

Chitin-Chitosan Based Products
  Products can be made available (either with or without Chitin-Chitosan as their core ingredient) in the forms of ampoule cleanser, toner, mask, and moisturizer.
For Skin Whitening, Pigmentation & Facial Wrinkles

Loss of collagen and elastin (the two components of the skin) in the dermis (the inner layer of the skin) leads to wrinkles and facial sag. Our product formulations seek to ensure replenishment of these substances in the dermis by way of lightening and reducing pigmentation of the skin and whitening the skin complexion.

Products are available in the forms of:-

  • anti-wrinkle cream, repair cream or night renewal cream for external application; and
  • whitening cream to lighten skin pigments.
For Acne-Prone Skin
  Our products tackle acne-prone skin in 3 ways, viz. to unclog pores that cause acne breakouts, to exfoliate flaky surface skin and sebum, and to act as an anti-inflammatory agent to help reduce inflammatory papules and pustules.
For Oil Control
  This contains ingredients which penetrate the skin quickly to neutralize and decrease oily skin and thus help tighten pores. It is excellent for candidates with dull and oily skin.
For Pores Refining
  The anti-inflammatory ingredients are used to reduce redness and inflammations, thereby helping to conceal and heal acne blemishes. The emphasis is for them to stimulate circulation in order to leave the complexion cleansed, renewed and radiant. In short, these unique features enable this product to unclog, soothe and tighten pores and, as a result, make the skin smooth and tightened.
For Scar Healing
  Our products are capable of repairing and accelerating the skin structure and of promoting hydration of the scarred area, thus creating favorable conditions for the gentle healing of the scar. It is to be noted that clinical trial of the scar healing to assess its efficacy in the scar treatment is based upon the technique perfected by Pavia University of Italy.
Normal to Dehydrated Skin
  This range of products enables users to derive from them optimal moisturizing effect by way of immediate restoration of the dry or dehydrated skin.



This covers a full range of products from bust firming and enhancement, body reshaping or body contour items to encounter lipolysis or anti-cellulite while, at the same time, to firm and tone up muscle.

Bust Enhancing & Firming.
  Our outstanding Bust Enhancing Cream to increase the size of small breast serves to complement the Bust Firming Cream to provide an external lift to toneless breast. Both are so formulated as to ensure compatibility with Asian physical features. Demands for both items have been quite overwhelming
Body reshaping & contouring.
  Contains effective body contouring ingredients which can enhance lipolysis or anti-cellulite while, at the same time, firm and tone up muscle.



The rationale behind our hair products is one that provides a gentle relaxing with superior straightening of the hair, that soothes dry scalps, that smoothes brittle hair ends, that nourishes over-stressed hair, and that leaves hair with the high level of sheen.


Our line is applicable to complexion, cheeks, eyes and lips. Being infused with skincare benefits, our moisture-rich formula is designed to enhance the complexion. It is easy to wear, subtle and sophiscated.



Our developments of cologne, EDT or concentrated perfume, as well as perfumed air/car freshener have been enthusiastically received by the local market which speaks volume for their quality.



For obvious reasons, all items for babies - such as baby bath, skin care, diaper changes etc. - are formulated with their safety in mind. Ingredients used are just the uncomplicated yet effective basics with or without perfumes or colors.



The 3 main features of this range are the uplifting, relaxing and balancing of our mind, soul and body. To this end, our customers can be assured that only real intelligent active plant extracts and essential oils bearing therapeutic and aesthetic properties are used to solve even the most complex skin problems.



Wound Healing Dressings With Chitosan

Chitosan’s extraordinary characteristics, which enable it to activate different cell types and to stimulate the protection of host against bacterial infection, prompted the developments of this particular range of products.
The effectiveness of its bacteriostatic properties has been tested against bacterial strains and a common skin fungus. As a result, the film forming capacity of Chitosan enables wound coating and, in consequence, a protection against micro-biological contaminations.

This range of products is being subject to a further series of in-depth R&D in collaboration with Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT). We hope to make an appropriate announcement as to their commercial availability in the near future.


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