1. Award Winning - Passionate Health Drink

Passionate Health Drink came into being via a desire on the part of one man who, in his teens, faced the dilemma of inferiority complex for having a face full of ugly pimples. Determined to find a solution to this problem and, with his thorough knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine in later years, he combined Passion Fruit (which is grown extensively in the eastern Malaysian State of Sabah) with American Ginseng, Tremelia fuciformia, pearl powder and various other traditional herbs to form the “Passionate Health Drink” – an acclaimed instant health drink now widely marketed in the country. The natural sweetener Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana) is used in the formulation to provide the aromatic sweetness in lieu of refined sugar.

Passionate Health Drink contains no chemical, colorant or preservative of any kind. It has four major health functions, viz. cleansing, adjusting, nourishing and preventing. Its capability to improve one's complexion, the immune system, digestive functions, insomnia are well recognized.

Picture showing the inventor of Passionate Health Drink, Mr Victor Hiew Kon-Ching of Ample Effect with the product and his bronze medal awarded at the 1998 International Invention, Innovation Industrial Design & Technology Exhibition.



2. Chito-Chem Sdn Bhd. – Malaysia’s One and Only Producer of Chitin-Chitosan Raw Materials

The picture shows Associate Prof. Mohamed Pauzi Abdullah of UKM’s Department of Chemistry (left) with his Lab. Asst. Mohamed Amir selecting prawn extracts for processing into Chitosan.

Having been quietly researching Chitin and its derivatives since 1982 - originally under the lead scientist Prof. Dr. Arisol Alimunar - it is inevitable for the Chitin-Chitosan Research Centre (CCRC) of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to have been reputed as being far ahead, in this particular field, of many other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Since the departure of Prof Dr Aluminar, the enormous tasks of turning this natural fibre (Chitosan) into commercial production fell into the hands of a team headed by Associate Prof Mohamed Pauzi, comprising Asso. Prof. Mat Zakaria and technicians Radzi Zainuddin, Mohamed Yazid Anmir and Yusof Samah.

However, it was not until the formation in the early 90s of Chito-Chem Sdn. Bhd., that the real commercialization of Chitosan began – albeit primarily in the weight reduction sphere.

ChitoChem Sdn. Bhd. is the culmination of a joint venture between UKM, Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) and two other associated companies of Ample Effect Sdn.Bhd. The establishment of ChitoChem has enabled an exclusive supply of Chitosan to be made available to Ample Effect for its production of the skincare as well as health maintenance products.

Considerable efforts have thus been expanded into a search for a simpler method of extracting Chitin and chemically modifying Chitosan into a water soluble component for cosmetics, particularly in the skincare products.
To-day, the applications of this highly value added Chitosan have been wide and far reaching – no longer merely in “fat remover” but also for the creation of many product items from wonder drugs to artificial skin, to surgery thread, to biodegradable plastics, to crop enhancer, animal feed and in water treatment etc.

Encouraged by such enormous potentials of Chitosan - especially in its promotion of rapid healing of wounds and blood clotting as well as cholesterol lowering and detoxification by way of the removal from the body of heavy metals - Ample Effect recently decided to turn its special attention to the further developments of Chitosan in the areas of Scar Healing and Wound Healing Dressings.

In this regard, further in-depth R&D are currently being undertaken in close collaboration with the Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT) – a leading bio-technical institute of outstanding reputation in this part of the world.


3. Signing Ceremony Marking Mavcap’s Investment

Picture showing Encik Mohd Daniel Mat Noh of Expedient Equity Sdn Bhd., (the Fund Manager of Mavcap Biotech Sdn Bhd.) exchanging the MoU agreement with the Managing Director of Ample Effect Sdn. Bhd. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Y.B. Dato’ Dr. Ng Yen Yen, the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Finance.

In a move to stimulate national economic growth under the 8th Malaysia Plan, the government has allocated RM500 million to MAVCAP for a specific purpose of investment in high growth companies. Per Bernama press release of 16th February, 2005, since 2001 to date a total of RM300 million has been invested in 60 companies with plans to invest a further RM200 million to nurture a further 50 companies in the next 2 years with a maximum investment per company of RM20 million.

As a manufacturer of cosmetic, skin care and related bio-tech products, Ample Effects falls under the category of bio-tech establishment under the pertinent government Plan.

4. Signing Ceremony Marking Research Co-operation with MINT

In pursuit of a further endeavor for bio-technological advancement, Ample Health Products Sdn Bhd (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ample Effect Sdn. Bhd.) entered into a formal R&D Agreement with the Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT) in the application of Chitin-Chitosan in Wound Healing Dressing.

Picture showing the exchange of agreements following the signing ceremony between Ample Health Products Managing Director and Y.B. Dato’ Seri Jamaluddin bin Dato’ Mohd Jarjis on behalf of MINT.

5. Official visit to Ample Effect's Laboratory by some 25 "KL Dialogue 2005" delegates

An official visit to Ample Effect's Laboratory by some 25 "KL Dialogue 2005" delegates from various countries in both Asia and Africa continents here to attend the Regional Meeting of Policy Makers on Overcoming Barriers to the sustainability of National Nucleus Institutions.

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