Our healthcare products aim towards the prevention of health risks and the promotion of preventative maintenance

With the benefits of extensive R & D derived from Chitin-Chitosan Research Center (CCRC) of Univeristy Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) as a basis, Chitin-Chitosan has been applied fairly extensively as the principal ingredient in the formulations of most items under our Health Maintenance range of products.


We maintain a complement of some 30 herbal and traditional health maintenance items already registered with, and
approved by, the health authorities for production into capsules, tablets, ampoule and sachet forms.

Chitosan Based Capsules
  Various product items are formulated for a variety of health and skin related purposes basing on Chitosan’s action in:-

  • lowering of blood pressure,
  • lowering of LDL cholesterol in the blood,
  • promoting activation of the immune system,
  • inhibiting the growth of certain infectious bacteria and parasites,
  • chelating heavy metal ions,
  • promoting healing of wounds and ulcers,
  • catalyzing bone re-growth, and
  • promoting epithelial re-growth.
Acne, Pigmentation & Pimple Problems

This item is available as “Beauty Tea” and packed in sachets for the maintenance of healthy skin. It is especially effective as a health drink for teenagers with serious pimple and acne problems. Our “Passionate Health Drink” won the 1998 Bronze Medal category of International Invention Award sponsored by the Malaysian Invention & Design Society.

Award Winning - Passionate Health Drink

Anti-Aging & Longevity

Aging process is accompanied by a dramatic decrease in the body’s overall hormonal output. Our formulations, employing herbal extracts, aim to provide necessary nutrients to support the maintenance of healthy cells in order to help consumers of the product maintain youthful vitality.
Breast Enhancement & Firming
  This is a topical cream so formulated as to nourish and enhance the appearance of the bust. It has the estrogenic properties which promote healthy tissue, thus protecting breast tissue from toxic damage and promoting healthy development. Product items under this category are not only appropriate for enhancement and firming of the breast, but also relevant to women’s general health.
Children’s Care
Although children and adolescents are generally healthier than adults, yet there is no escaping that a good percentage of this population will be prone to certain health problems. Our products under this category are formulated as health and dietary supplements dedicated solely to the needs of children.
Diabetes Care

Johns Hopkins Medical Institute reported in 1999 that men who were overweight at age 25 (i.e. those with a body mass index of 25 or greater) were almost 4 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes after age 50 than men who were not overweight.

One possible explanation to this is that early adulthood marks the end of a critical period for the development of metabolism. Another possibility is that the effect of excess weight on insulin resistance is cumulative, much like the ingestion of tobacco smoke on the development of lung cancer.

Our formulations seek to reduce blood sugar level in diabetic sufferers and, due to the rising prevalence of overweight in young adults, are targeted at them.

Joint Pains & Problems
  The idealistic relief for joint pains and problems should be one that reduces pains yet does not cause gastro-intestinal bleeding. It should also help generate cartilage over time. Our products have been so formulated as to help consumers achieve these objectives. They are particularly suitable for rheumatic and associated joint pains and disorder.
Lingzhi Capsule
Ganoderma polysaccharide as a diet supplement for general health maintenance. Combined with chitosan, Lingzhi is also particularly useful to our body cells in an overall elimination of toxic substances(detoxification) through the body’s circulatory system.  
Liver Care
  Traditionally used to alleviate liver malfunction, as such, an alternative tonic for hepatic tissues. Liver health is thus invigorated and well maintained.
Men’s Health

As a man ages and his testosterone levels lower, he may suffer bone loss, decreased libido, worsened mood and cognitive functioning, physical weakness and cardiovascular disease. This product is formulated as unique dietary supplements of herbal extracts combined with modern bio-technology for optimizing men’s health the natural way.
Women’s Health

When a woman arrives at the time where a depletion of hormones affects her libido and mood, the balance in the body system is also affected. Such phenomenon manifests itself as weight gain, visible aging of the skin, sexual slowdown, lethargy, and much more.

Woman should seek to reverse such aging process, thereby benefiting from the increased vitality and strength at the same time. We are commited to provide the best help possible in this direction.

Slimming Product

The average person’s diet today consists of many processed foods that are high in fats and sugars and low in fibre and enzymes. Depleted soils also contribute to our being fat because nutrient deficient food rapidly leads to nutritional deficiencies in our body. Empty calories are readily stored as fat which cannot be efficiently burned. It is also to be noted that the only fats the body uses, not burns, are essential fatty acids which are unsaturated. Saturated fats (which are not used by the body in any way except to store them) clog up our arteries and lead to untold health disorders as well as the ugly hips, thighs, stomach and under our chins etc. Also, excess fat can significantly shorten our life span.

Our slimming products have Chitosan (pronounced “kite-o-san”) – an aminopolysaccharide derived from Chitin and a natural weight loss agent - as a core ingredient. Chitosan is also called “lipophyllic”, meaning that it is chemically attracted to or “loves fat”. Additionally, in a research where 23 different fibre substances were studied, it was found that Chitosan worked 55% better than other fibre in entrapping and eliminating fat in the gastrointestinal tract!

As such, our slimming products not only effectively neutralize fats but also act as a sponge for other elements as well, thus making them a dieter’s dream for purposes of weight loss.

Other Dietary-Nutritional Products

Albeit extensive emphasis on the many health enhancing benefits of Chitosan, our health maintenance line facilities are not confined only to the production of Chitosan-based items.

We are in fact well adapted to the production of any other ranges as preferred by our customers – be they in capsule, tablet, sachet, herb extract forms or any other packaging formats


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