Ample Effect Sdn Bhd was founded in the year 1993 as a manufacturer of
cosmetic products with the award of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) status
granted by the Malaysian government.

We are staffed by a highly skilled in-house R & D team led by two renowned French formulators with life long experience and expertise behind them, having themselves previously headed the relevant departments of European cosmetic manufacturers and beauty-skincare houses of world class distinction.

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Basically, our product ranges can be categorized into two main headings, viz.:-
Health Maintenance Products
Beauty & Skin Care Products
Research project agreement signing ceremony
Ample Effect entered into agreement with the MINT in July 2005.
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Official visit to Ample Effect's Laboratory
An official visit to Ample Effect's Laboratory by some 25 "KL Dialogue 2005" delegates from various countries.
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